Exceptional venues for outstanding events

Each of the venues in our books, in Marrakech and Casablanca, are dedicated to events and intended for rental. Each is equipped with sound and light control rooms and production offices, and are ideally located with easy access and ample parking. All venues provide cutting-edge equipment and amenities making them uniquely versatile and adaptable venues where everything is possible. As the imagination has no limits, we know that your most beautiful ideas are yet to come.

An extensive range of services for individuals and professionals

Translation booths & interpretation equipment - sound & light - image production - projection mapping - social networks - digitization - lifting equipment - stages, sets, structures & platforms - electrical distribution - logistics.

Theaters in Casablanca

Sofitel tour Blanche. 1500 m² (25 m x 60 m)

Theaters in Marrakech

Palmeraie Golf Palace. 1800 m² (30 m x 60 m)